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Behind the Scenes of Creative Colors in Beauty Art Photography

Conducted by

Ahmed Zaghloul

Producing creative colors in the field of beauty photography. In addition, we will discover the ability and power of Sony lenses to capture details and colors suitable for various lighting.

May 25, Saturday

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Baytalmosawer , Taj Sultan Building, Raid Al Haq, An Nahdah, Jeddah 23523- أكاديمية بيت المصور-, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

In this workshop, we will explore together the “behind the scenes” of the process of producing creative colors in the field of Beauty photography. In addition, we will discover the breathtaking ability and power of Sony’s cameras and lenses in capturing the right details and colors with different lighting setups

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The effect of colors in beauty photography Choose the correct colors Beauty photography lighting Choose the appropriate tools

Ahmed Zaghloul

Ahmed Zaghloul is a professional beauty and fashion photographer He held many training courses, workshops, seminars and lectures in universities and cultural centers in the field of photography. Founder of the idea of ​​the Bayt almosawer Academy as the first academy specialized in teaching photography in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019. He trained more than 1,500 trainees