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Beginner Stop Motion Masterclass Part 4 – Post Production

Conducted by

Dina Amin

Learn Stop motion animation. Stop motion is a great skill to add to your skillset as a photographer and bring your photos to the video sphere.

October 21, Friday - November 04, Friday

12:15 PM - 12:00 PM

Cairo, Egypt

Webinar Description

Stop motion is a great skill to add to your skillset as a photographer to bring your photos into the video sphere. In this series of videos, Dina Amina will walk you through the whole stop motion animation process; discussing all about the equipment needed to make a stop motion animation, explaining the basics of dragon frame, show a live demo of a simple stop motion animation that anyone can learn and finally go over the post production process and how you can compile your final video.

Who Can Attend

Photographers and animators who want to add Stop motion animation to their skill set.


In this video we’ll cover the post production process and compile all our photos into a moving stop motion animation.

Dina Amin

"Dina A. Amin is a stop motion artist and a video maker from Cairo, Egypt. Although trained as an Industrial Designer, Dina loves to explore the intersections between various disciplines. In 2016, dina started a side project called ‘Tinker Friday’ on Instagram, where she combined her passion for product design and stop motion with her views on consumerism. In this series, Dina shows people what’s inside the countless things they throw away, in unusual ways. After discovering her love for stop motion, Dina founded “Tinker Studio”, where she produces stop motion videos for a diverse number of companies around the world."

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