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Basics of Photography: 3 Things You Need to Know

Conducted by

Debayo Rotilu

The aim of this workshop is to allow anyone with an interest in photography pick up any camera and start creating art.

August 10, Wednesday - August 25, Thursday

10:00 AM

Nigeria, Nigeria

Webinar Description

In the second part of The Basics of Photography workshop, Debayo Rotilu guides you even further into the photography world and describes in more detail the exposure triangle and the cause and effect each parameter has on photographs, using illustrations and sample pictures.

Who Can Attend

Beginners and Photo hobbyists


Basic photography terms - camera mode, camera settings, exposure triangle and types of lenses

Debayo Rotilu

Debayo Rotilu is the Founder of Twelve05 Impressions. He is a commercial photographer and videographer with over 10 years professional experience in the creative industry. His artistic style and use of light is a signature in his photos and his way of helping brands win with their advertisement. Over the past decade, Debayo has also given keynote talks, webinars and workshops across the country teaching new content creators how to become better hybrid shooters.

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