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Alpha Space – 2023 – Finding your Why

Conducted by

Haya Khairat

Learn how to navigate the creative process challenges by reflecting on your Why.

December 08, Friday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

District 5, New Cairo, Egypt

Workshops Description

The creative process is an on-going challenge that no matter your experience is, you reach a point or a block that takes you back to where you started. To do so one needs to be in touch with his/her initial purpose of getting into this field to be able to navigate the challenges it throws you along the way.

Who Can Attend

Beginner/Intermediate Filmmakers


In this talk Haya will take you through how to start and build on your creative idea. Where to start, how to tackle an idea, and what to do when things don't go your way.

Haya Khairat

Director, cinematographer & photographer Haya Khairat, studied cinematography at HCI Cairo. Her work has been featured several times on many local & international platforms. She started as a 1st AC in TV shows & films including “Afrah ElQobba”, “La Totfe’ AlShams”, “El Rehla” and others. Moreover, she worked as a DOP on the short film “Dark Chocolate” that was later awarded in CIFF2019. Haya then moved to directing TVCs for many campaigns for various clients and her work for “ZERO TOLERANCE RIBBON” FGM campaign was awarded a Silver Lynx at 2020’s Dubai Lynx Awards.