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Alpha Festival Alexandria – The Process of Creative Portraits

Conducted by

Abdel Rahman Gabr-(Koree)

This workshop will cover all the skills you need to master to take your portraits to the pro level.

December 18, Sunday

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

7 Fouad, Al Attarin Sharq, Al Attarin, Egypt, Egypt

Workshops Description

Koree will be teaching you how to build and capture a creative portrait based on concepts and mood boards, transforming visions to a final setup and getting the shot. Talking more about the lighting setup, choice of lenses and his camera settings. With these skills you will be able to enhance your portfolio and take your portraits to another level. Participants must know the basics of photography. MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN SD CARDS.

Who Can Attend

Intermediate photographers


Koree will cover how to setup your lights, choose the correct lens and his own camera settings for portrait shoots.

Abdel Rahman Gabr-(Koree)

Korean Egyptian, born in Queens, New York. Filmmaker and a Photographer, Founder of Koree Films and Art and Creativity. Captures inspiring and engaging stories that serves as time capsule that connects historic culture with modern-day living.

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