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Alpha Festival Alexandria – 3 Easy Looks for Fashion Portraits

Conducted by

Abdallah Sabry

Learn out how you can add more drama to your Fashion shoots with different lighting and lens selection.

December 18, Sunday

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

7 Fouad, Al Attarin Sharq, Al Attarin, Egypt, Egypt

Workshops Description

Sometimes learning a few easy yet essential skills can elevate your quality of work to new levels. Join this Fashion photography workshop with Abdallah and add these 3 easy skills to your repertoire for more dynamic/dramatic shoots.

Who Can Attend

Fashion/Portrait Photographers


Abdallah will demonstrate the most popular and easy fashion portrait techniques that will make your images unique and outstanding using different lighting setups and various G-Master lenses.

Abdallah Sabry

ABDALLAH SABRY has become a household name for portrait and fashion photography in Egypt. The mastermind behind BLACK CREATIVE STUDIOS has truly captivated the scene with an international vision and striking images that almost come to life.

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