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Alpha Fest KSA – How To Frame The Ultimate Wedding Shots

Conducted by

Mohammad Almorohen

Zainab Alkhayat

In this workshop, eng. Mohammad & Zainab will create a high key cinematic scene and show how to frame compositions with camera movements.

February 04, Saturday

9:00 PM - 9:45 PM

Sidra Arts Studio Jax District, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

In this workshop, Mohammad & Zainab will demonstrate the lighting setup and how to achieve a high key look through understanding the light physics. They will also explain the camera settings, picture profile used and important notes to consider before shooting. Mohammad and Zainab will discuss the best lenses for wedding shooting and gimbal work. They will also explain how to achieve a cinematic look through lighting and composition. Participants will have a great chance to ask and try themselves cameras and lenses to effectively benefit from the workshop and the production setup.

Who Can Attend

Photographers and Cinematographers


Lighting Camera settings Best lenses for wedding cinematography Bridal compositions

Mohammad Almorohen

Mohammad is a Saudi professional director of photography since 2008, owned his first Sony camcorder in 1996. He started his professional career path in 2006 as film editor, and then in 2008, he became a director of photography. He started conducting several training courses and workshops in cinematography, photography and editing since 2013. He was also invited to conduct seminars and lectures in universities, art colleges and cultural centers.

Zainab Alkhayat

Zainab Alkhayat is a Saudi professional cinematographer since 2016. She owned her first Sony camera in 2005. She is specilized in wedding cinematography and photography. She started her career in 2017 as a photographer, then film editor. After that, she became a director of photography. She developed her skills by attending several production locations, training courses, workshops, seminars and lectures at universities, art colleges, and cultural centres in the field of cinematography and video editing since 2014.