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A6700 Hands-On Review

Conducted by

Maher Najm

Compare between A6700 and previous models in terms of specifications and features

October 02, Monday - October 31, Tuesday

12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

AU, Saudi Arabia

Webinar Description

Are you looking for the best Sony APS-C mirrorless camera for your needs? If so, then watch this video. we will compare the A6700, A6600, and A6500 side-by-side, so you can see which camera is right for you. We will cover everything from sensor size and resolution to autofocus performance and video capabilities.

Who Can Attend

vloggers and videographers


Sony A6700: APS-C mirrorless camera with fast autofocus, 4K/120p video, and AI-powered features. This description highlights the camera's most important features, which are its fast autofocus, high-resolution video capabilities, and artificial intelligence-powered features.

Maher Najm

Maher Is a Pro photographer specialized in architectural, heritage sites and travel Photography. Owned his first Sony Alpha camera (A230 ) in 2009 , He started his professional career path in 2009 as Architeculer photographer to archive his projects.