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10 Tips for Solo Travel Content Creation with Gophari

Conducted by

Farirai Sanyika

Farirai Sanyika (@Gophari) showcases ten solo travel camera tips to help solo travellers shoot their content independently using the Sony ZV-1F digital camera.

May 10, Wednesday - June 10, Saturday

10:00 AM - 10:00 AM

South Africa, South Africa

Webinar Description

In this workshop, Farirai Sanyika (@Gophari) showcases ten solo travel camera tips to help solo travelers shoot their content independently. She puts the compact and lightweight Sony ZV-1F digital camera to the test on a trip to Berlin, Germany. Paired with the Sony shooting grip – Gophari shows how the features of the Sony ZV-1F camera compliment solo travel. Learn how the simple controls, rotatable screen and other features make solo travel content creation easier.

Who Can Attend

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to elevate their solo travel content.


Features of the Sony ZV-1F that make solo travel photography easier. How to use the Sony ZV-1F with the Sony shooting grip to capture content independently. How to use your phone as remote.

Farirai Sanyika

Farirai Sanyika is the travel content creator behind Gophari.com - a vibrant travel blog for solo travellers. She is passionate about showcasing the joy of travel through informative and inspiring content to her community of keen and curious travellers. Though she is often on the road, Johannesburg, South Africa is her home. She creates content for travel-related brands and campaigns across her social media accounts (TikTok: @GophariTravels and Instagram: @Gophari) and hosts curated group trips for women solo travellers.