Aliev Ravshan

Aliev Ravshan


Aliev Ravshan

Roma Aliev was born in 1984 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. From an early age he was fond of art and often played with his father’s film camera. In 2002, his older brother gave him his first digital camera for his birthday. It was the Sony DSC-S75. He shot absolutely everything from portraits to nature.

He bought his first SLR camera in 2008 and continued to explore the world of photography.

In 2014, after filming his first wedding, he fell in love with this genre and decided that he wanted to become a wedding photographer. And he began to study this genre in depth, developing his skills in portrait, subject and reportage photography.

Having applied all his experience in shooting different genres, he began to stand out with an unusual look at wedding photography by making vivid and live photos. In a couple of years, he became the leading wedding photographer in Uzbekistan.

In his spare time, Roma shoots street and genre portraits, shares his knowledge with photo enthusiasts, and conducts free art photography workshops.


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