Akinmulero Akintayo


Akintayotimi is an international wedding photographer. He began his photography journey in 2013 and graduated to shooting weddings professionally in 2015.

As a student studying Microbiology, he had always dreamed of exploring his creative side. After graduating from university, he picked up a camera and never looked back. The ability the camera gives him to capture moments that would otherwise be gone forever and impossible to reproduce has always fascinated and intrigued him.

Akintayotimi specializes in wedding photography. A form of photography that requires documenting the day as is without making alterations. The joy and flurry of emotions on couples’ faces when they re-live their special day while looking through the delivered images has been his ultimate gratification.
He shoots primarily in Lagos, Nigeria but often spends half of the year in other parts of the world documenting wedding ceremonies. Shooting in other parts of Africa to North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean, the Akintayotimi brand is a global brand with strong African roots.

Akintayotimi currently runs a YouTube channel where he focuses on sharing his expertise and knowledge with other up and coming photographers to enable them advance in their art.


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