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Lens Selection in Wedding Phot...

Conducted by

TTL Photography

Discover the art of lens selection in wedding photography with TTL Photography. Explore how different lenses tell the true story and evoke emotions.

July 29, Saturday

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Virginia Airport, 27 Fairway Road, Beachwood, Durban, 4051, South Africa

Workshops Description

Join TTL Photography, the talented husband and wife duo, as they host a captivating workshop at Alpha Festival. Explore the visual language of photography and the significance of lens choice in wedding photography. Fathima and Seraz will guide you through their lens selection process, explaining the impact of focal lengths on capturing the true essence of a wedding. Discover how the right lenses not only shape the look of an image but also evoke powerful emotions in viewers. Don't miss this insightful workshop to enhance your wedding photography skills!

Who Can Attend

Anyone attending Alpha Festival 2023


In this workshop, Fathima and Seraz of TTL Photography will guide you through lens choices, focal lengths, and the power of storytelling to create captivating wedding narratives that evoke emotions.

TTL Photography

An impressive package for wedding photography is offered by Seraz & Fathima, a dynamic husband and wife team. Located in Durban, South Africa, they have built their photography business into one of the most sought after wedding photography services. Wedding photography has become a widely anticipated element of the Durban wedding industry as a result of them. Seraz’s passion for technology inspired his love of photography. With an introverted approach, he enjoys candidly documenting events. Fathima, on the other hand, is an observant & creative self-taught photographer. Their love for the art is evident in their approach to capturing weddings and teaching other creatives how to improve their skills & run successful photography businesses.