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Deconstructing a Hero Film

Conducted by

Ian Nieuwenhuizen

Join Ian as he delves into all the elements that make up a compelling hero film.

August 05, Saturday

9:15 PM - 9:45 PM

Urban Brew Studio, Shop L86, Republic Rd, President Ridge, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Workshops Description

In this workshop Ian will be sharing a BTS glimpse of what goes into the creation of a hero film. He and his team are mostly responsible for the hero launch films for Sony products and he will give insight into how a small crew can create compelling content in limited time. He will touch on lighting set ups, film techniques and general tips and tricks.

Who Can Attend

Anyone who aspires to make content for bigger brands.


Let's define a hero film Where to start Taking it all apart The importance of post production Putting it all together

Ian Nieuwenhuizen

Ian is the founder of White Motion Films, an award-winning wedding videography company based in South Africa. Ian has always been a creative, visionary and someone who likes to push boundaries. His formal musical background has also given him an edge as music is often overlooked as a powerful component when it comes to storytelling. About 5 years ago he ventured into commercial films as well making his mark internationally for a well-known US brand amongst others.