Husam Alrwithi

A single character with the right story can go a long way, and that’s why we choose the scenario of “THE MOMENT”. We felt that time is a unique topic, and we should produce something about it.

The concept is about a person who is wondering about a moment he lived, and if he could live it again to change it.

Using the A7SIII gave us the courage to take risks, most scenes in this story were shot in low light to achieve a high contrast cinematic look. The full-frame sensor, dynamic range, S-Cinetone, and 4K 120p allowed us to achieve the vision instantly.

Together with the G master lenses, the A7SIII produced stellar images that cut flawlessly with one another. The lenses have quickly become some of my favorite options on the market today.

Creatives are always on the go and require a tool that can adapt to their ever-changing projects. This why the Sony A7SIII is the camera that checks all the boxes. It’s packed with a lot of spectacular features that can help any filmmaker take their art to the next level.

Husam Alrwithi

Saudi Arabia

Husam is a freelance filmmaker based in medina, he started catching light since 2015 and his goal is to light up a new path in films and commercial videos.

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