The Country of Vikings
By Prakash Kumar Singh

Iceland is one of my most important photography trips and the closest to my heart that I have been doing along with my workshop participants almost every year.

My trip from Dubai – Faroe – Iceland – Norway – Dubai includes 27 days, 14,000 km. in flight, 7,000 km. by car, 100’s of km on foot while facing hail storm, snow storm, heavy rain and high velocity winds. I can say I have partially achieved what I intended for – Great Photo’s with Great Memories!

My first stop was Faroe Island, a very small country with untapped territories. I was surprised to know even the Dubai airport authorities were not very aware of travel options to such a photogenic location.

Image Name: A Little Village By The Cliff

Description: One of the most photogenic village I have seen till date & this small village in Gasadalur is one of the smallest village in Faroe with only 15-16 inhabitants, it was only on 2004 a tunnel was opened for easy access for the residents. I had to visit 2 times to get a proper image but it was worth visiting.

Image settings: Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @17mm, F/8, 302sec, ISO-100

Image Name: The Little Hus

Description: Even though we saw these kind of houses everywhere in Faroe Island, found the best looking one in Saksun. This is the smallest & oldest village in Streymoy with a population of 8 only 🙂 Yes, you heard it right only 8 people! The village has 1 church & few houses all built like in the picture. The place is really peaceful & the view from top of the village is awesome. Had fun shooting there for a small period of time due to bad weather.

Image settings: Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @27mm, F/8, 1/125sec, ISO-100

Image Name: Black Beach

Description: Dyrholaey is one place where I am yet to shoot properly. The weather over here is totally unpredictable & using a tripod & filter is way too risky.The windsare so unpredictable & strong that they can uproot your grounded tripod with a camera on it. Even probably the photographer as well, we felt like we were going to get blown off the cliff but somehow manage to shoot this panorama handheld.

Image settings: Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @35mm, F/8, 1/125sec, ISO-100

Image Name: The Swamp

Description: This area around this shot looks exactly the same and it can be very tricky to find the location again. I had good fortune to have found the spot and the shot is just as I wanted it to be.

Image settings: Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @16mm, F/9, 30sec, ISO-100

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