Sony Compact Ultra-Wide 14mm F1.8 Prime

FE 14mm F1.8 GM

A compact ultra-wide 14mm F1.8 prime with extraordinary corner-to-corner resolution at all apertures

The G Lens ultra-compact primes

*English subtitles available. Click on CC to view

A compact ultra-wide large-aperture lens
captures the world with fresh new perspectives

Ultra-wide 14mm x large aperture F1.8 which a zoom lens cannot cover

Though it’s ultra-wide, extraordinary corner-to-corner resolution at all apertures.
Though it’s ultra-wide, elegant G Master bokeh, impressive close-ups,
Though it’s large aperture, remarkably compact & lightweight.
Though it’s ultra-wide, minimum distortion.
Fast, precise, quiet, low-vibration AF and tracking for stills and movies.

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