The A9 Experience: A New Dimension of

Photographic Speed
by Sam Coran

Sony Middle East gave me the privilege to test out the A9 in the field. Here are some features of this camera that I love:

Sony FE 100-400 4-5.6mm GM OSS @ 100m f7.1 1/2000s ISO 400

High-Speed Continuous Shooting at 20fps.

This is the fastest camera in the market. Its uncompromised image quality and speed makes it a monster when it comes to sports photography, or any other situation where you need to freeze action.

In-body Image Stabilization

I was on a speedboat while shooting these wakeboarding photos. Just imagine how much camera shake there usually is when you shoot with the 100-400 lens. That’s why I love the inbody image stabilization feature of this camera. It works wonders.

Sony FE 100-400 4-5.6mm GM OSS @ 100m f7.1 1/2000s ISO 400

4D Autofocus

The subject is in focus, no matter where he is in the frame,because of the 4D autofocus.There is a remarkable number of phase-detection AF points in this camera. The phase-detection points on the surface of an image sensor — all 693 AF points — cover approximately 93% of the image area. Its high-precision performance assures that your focus is on the subject.

Here’s 79 images put together.

Another feature to note is the 4D Focus: Steadfast Tracking

Reliable Subject Tracking In Motion

The uninterrupted AF and optimized AF algorithm dramatically enhance the AF accuracy and tracking. Even during shutter release, the constantly activated AF still lets you continue tracking the subject’s random motions, which makes it easier to freeze action shots.

Sony FE 100-400 4-5.6mm GM OSS @ 100m f7.1 1/2500ss ISO 400

Sony FE 100-400 4-5.6mm GM OSS @ 100m f7.1 1/2500ss ISO 400

A big issue in AF tracking for other cameras is that it tends to focus on the subject closest to it, which becomes a problem when there’s an object moving towards the camera.This was not the case with the A9! Its focus locks on the subject and it will be sharp in your images.

Sony FE 16-35 f4 @16mm f5 1/1250ss ISO400

Even with backlit subjects, the A9 can easily detect your subject and nail the focus.

Low Light Capability

I also wanted to play with the camera in low light, so I did a quick test.

My setup was as follows –
I placed two Profoto B1s on the sides of my set with the modeling lights on,in order to capture texture and shape. NB – placing the light in front of the subjects will give you a flat image, lacking contrast and shape.

When shooting with the A9, a fast memory card is also essential.

The camera was set to electronic shutter with FE 24-70 GM @38mm 1/800s ISO 1600 for all the shots below. 

The magic happens when you put all the 329 jpeg files together to create the clip above.

The A9 is a fabulous camera to shoot with and a welcome addition to the Sony lineup for event, wedding, action and documentary shooters alike!

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