An Exploration of Jordan’s Landscape

and Monuments

by Prakash Kumar Singh

An Exploration of Jordan's Landscape and Monuments

I have always been in love with Ancient places, be it Petra, Egypt, Rome or Greece. When I got the chance to travel to Jordon and visit Petra and Wadi Rum I was very excited! To make it even better I had the new Sony 12-24mm F/4 G Ultra-Wide-Angle lens to use during my journey.

After a lot of planning and pre-trip preparation to find out the best times of day and locations to get the shots I wanted, I was ready to set off.There was going to be a lot of hiking during the trip so I made sure I was travelling light!

The all-new Sony 12-24mm F/4 G Lens really helped with that – It allows for a unique point of view, without distortion like a fish-eye lens might have. The lens features four aspherical elements which gives corner to corner sharpness. Because it has three ED Glass Elements, with one Super ED Glass Element it has very little chromatic aberration. The lens is Nano Coated too. All of this fancy stuff, while being so small and light is a serious plus for a landscape photographer like me!

To get the Milky Way shots I had to have my camera set up at awkward angles, and also attempt to focus in very low light – this is where the combination of the A7RII’s focus peaking and the 12-24mm’s nice, big focus ring really helps.

I wasn’t in Jordan for long, and I visited lots of locations, but I’m very happy with the results – I can’t wait to go back!

Please enjoy the images I made below.

**I’ve included before and after examples of the images I shot during my visit to Jordan so you can see the progression from RAW image (often a panorama) to final edited version. 

Petra By Night


Description : The Ancient City is one of my favorite places. Walking through the Siq lit by 1500 candles, smelling the incense and hearing the soft flute music is a magical experience I will never forget.

Image settings : Sony A7R II, 12-24mm F/4 G, @12mm, F/4, 25sec, ISO-1000

The Ancient Guard


Description : Shot after midnight in Wadi Rum, with the moon on the horizon…it was still dark enough to capture a good Milky Way behind the mushroom shaped rock formation.

Image settings : Sony A7R II, 12-24mmF/4 G, @12mm, F/4, 25sec, ISO-3200 | 2 rows, each row 6 images for a total 12 image panorama

Martian Planet


Description : Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It has a dramatic landscape of rocky domes, arches, caves and canyons all as a result of ancient waterways eroding the sandstone. To me Wadi Rum feels like being on Mars, that was the inspiration for the edit I made to this composited image.

Image settings : Sony A7R II, ZA OSS 16-35mm F/4 | Mountain Image @35mm, F/10, 1/250sec, ISO-1600 & Milky way Image @16mm, F/4, 25sec, ISO-3200

The Arch


Description : This famous arch formation is near Wadi Rum. I wanted to have clear view of the arch, with the Milky Way rising behind the mountain you see in the frame. I spent the night here, and made this image while the moon was up to help light the mountain and arch. Sleeping under the stars that night was incredible!

Image settings : Sony A7R II, 12-24mmF/4 G, @12mm, F/4, 25sec, ISO-3200 | 1 row panorama with 6 images

Little Petra


Description : This image was taken looking over Petra City, near Little Petra after we finished our shoot at the Petra Treasury. The Milky Way rose in just the right pace to frame the city lights from the vantage point we chose.

Image settings : Sony A7R II, 12-24mm F/4 G, @12mm, F/4, 25sec, ISO-3200 | 1 row panorama with 10 images

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