Sony “G Master” Series

by Prakash Kumar Singh

I was lucky enough to use almost all the Sony “G Master” series lenses over a period of time be it 16-35GM F/2.8, 24mm GM F/1.4 or 70-200GM F/2.8.

Sony has some impressive lens lineup & over the years it has grown a lot but my favorite is 16-35GM & this is my all-time go to & most used lens. It has a aperture of f/2.8 to f/22 with 11 blade circular diaphragm and 16 elements in 13 groups. Having 16mm on a full frame body is very wide & not too wide to distort vertical lines or images out of proportion.

The lens is light & very rugged & I have used this lens under all the weather condition be it Dubai’s 45° under sand storm or Iceland’s – 6° under snowfall, each & every time the lens holds to it’s potential.

The image quality is very sharp on all focal length & having f/2.8 helps me in night photography. The lens has an awesome auto focus & the most helpful part is the small focus switch on the side which makes it easy to use while focusing. It’s not at all a complicated lens anyone can simply pick it up & use it right away. Below you will see some of the sample images taken with 16-35 G Master lens.

A Little Village By The Cliff – Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @17mm, F/8, 302sec, ISO-100

The Last Church – Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @20mm, F/9, 182sec, ISO-100

The Black Beach – Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @35mm, F/8, 1/125sec, ISO-100

House Of Light – Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @35mm, F/8, 1/125sec, ISO-100

The Last Light – Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @18mm, F/11, 1/180sec, ISO-100

The Last Light – Sony A7R III, 16-35 GM, @35mm, F/8, 1/125sec, ISO-100

Images taken with 24mm G Master

The newest lens in the lineup is 24mm GM f/1.4. This lens is a little gem as it is one of the lightest & most compact lens. At 24mm it covers the popular POV with very low distortion and with low aperture of f/1.4 gives ample light for low light shooting. The lens comes with an aperture ring & my favorite focus lock button. The focusing is fast, accurate & it focuses very well under low light.

Images taken with 70-200mm G Master

My 2nd most favorite lens is 70-200 GM, well not only for me but of many photographers . The 70-200 range is one of the most popular range for all genre of photography be it Portrait, Sports, Events, Landscape, Astro, Wildlife. The photographers use this range to capture images in several ways. 70-200 GM lens has an aperture of f/2.8 which gives ample of light under low light situations & gives an awesome depth while shooting portraits, wildlife & to scenes where you want to clearly separate the background with the foreground.

Sony 70-200 GM lens has an inbuilt stabilization on different modes with focus lock button. The lens delivers very sharp & distortion free images on all focal length & I must say the build quality is it is at it’s best even though it is not the lightest lens but is lighter than many others available in the market.

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