Portrait Photography

Photo by - Ali AlRiffai

Lenses for Portrait Photography

Good portrait lenses have wide apertures for faster shutter speeds, helpful indoors or in low light. Wide apertures give more depth of field, making your subject stand out dramatically from the background. Portrait lenses often feature 50-135 mm focal lengths and F5.6 or larger apertures.

See it. Imagine it. Capture it.

The skilled photographer sees a scene, imagines how to capture it as a great photo, and then takes on the technical challenge of composing and capturing the image. Having a variety of lenses gives you the precision tools needed to translate imagination into image.

G Master Lens for Portrait Photography

Ali AlRiffai talks about his experience with G Master Lens

I shoot a lot of high-end commercials for my clients from around the region and when it comes to image quality not only do you want a High-resolution camera like the A7RIII but a lens that can reveal the details. One of my favorite lenses in my bag is the FE 24-70mm F/2.8 G-Master lens. It is my to go to lens at all times and the most used lens in my work, it covers the most common focal length for my work, with minimum distortion, chromatic aberration, and edge to edge sharpness. I love the color reproduction that comes from GM lenses and when it comes to low light the F/2.8 is there to help keep me shooting at lower ISO.

Recently I did a huge high-end commercial for one of the retail banks and a big retouching work was involved after the shoot, image manipulation needs a lot of details to work with so for all images we did we need to keep it consistent for that I used the FE 24-70mm GM combined with A7RIII shooting with uncompressed RAW format to squeeze the most information from the sensor.

The final images came out very nice and the whole team was happy with the results.

As we have 4 locations to shoot with models the 24-70 gives me the flexibility to slightly change the focal length in different locations.

G Master Lens for Other Genres

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