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Captures only when he feels connected, Tariq AK is one of the pioneers of creative wedding photography in the region. He is a known name in Wedding and Travel photography in Pakistan & Middle East.

A vibrant and visual storyteller, AK started his creative journey as a graphic designer in 2005, before venturing into mainstream photography in 2011. His passion for wedding photojournalism set a benchmark for others in creativity and perspective. His friendliness and calm attitude give comfort to the people to exhibit their original self, and magnetism. He believes to extract the beauty in the candidness of people in combination of his magic with lenses; results have brought out masterpieces. His eagerness to capture the right light, angle and focus alongside the candidness of the moment is a game changer.

‘Love to photograph people and nature that depicts LIFE, it should talk the way it does, even when it is seized in my camera. And there is something about Life, that attracts me’.

His versality has got him explore Travel photography specifically landscape, nature and architecture. His attention to detail loves capturing the natural textures of landscape into the frame. He believes versatility brings in flavors and perfection. The game of lenses used in cityscape had effects on his wedding photography after. When not at a shoot, Tariq loves to spread his wisdom around teaching budding photographers. He frequently mentors young talent, encouraging them to tap into their creative potential. He has conducted severalworkshops across Pakistan.

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