Sara AlSayegh


Born in 1983, in the State of Kuwait, Sarah started as a photographer late in 2007 when she took her dad’s camera to take images of almost anything she sees while seeking for a job after graduation from University of Kuwait. From photographing everything to Landscape/Cityscape photography, she mixed that with storm chasing after her first Dust storm in Kuwait back in 2011.She is a semi self-taught photographer but always ensured to attend workshops and meet with the top photographers that shoot landscape and storm chase photography to learn even more and develop her own signature in taking images. Being a female landscape photographer was bit hard at the start for her, especially when it comes to Middle East, but it never stopped her from doing what she loves the most, which is taking Nature Images to traveling to United States to chase Tornado and Storms.

Her work was published in International media such as Lee Filters (Xposure) magazine, National Geographic (Viajes Magazine), What Digital Camera Magazine and On Landscape Magazine. Her work of the Dust storm in Kuwait was picked as editor’s choice in 500px and also on the National Geographic website.


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