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Remon Elmarkiz


Remon Profile

Remon Elmarkiz is a Destination Wedding Photographer based in Cairo who has been shooting weddings since 2010. He was born and raised in Abu Dhabi then moved to Egypt to study computer science.

He discovered his love for photography at a young age when he used to shoot with his dad’s film camera. Later and after a full year of self-learning using a point-and-shoot camera he decided to buy his first DSLR.

14th of January 2010 was the date he shot his first wedding, after that he worked as a second shooter with a very famous photographer at that time. Ever since he’s shot hundreds of weddings between Egypt, UAE, Greece, Italy, France & The United States. He has become one of the top names in the wedding field in Egypt.

Early on he realised he had a thing for portraits, he always enjoyed showing human emotions in his photos. Thus, he developed a photojournalistic story-telling shooting approach, mixed with a commercial style lighting which emerged from his obsession with studying and experimenting advanced lighting techniques.

Remon’s work has been published in several local and international magazines. He wishes to keep making a difference through his photographs.


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