Mike Elof

Mike Eloff & Carlinn Meyer

South Africa

Mike Elof

Mike Elof

Mike was born in 1979, grew up all over South Africa, but settled in Cape Town in 2000 after finishing school and college in Port Elizabeth.

He is a self taught photographer that stumbled into the photography scene in 2009 when his girlfriend, Carlinn, started a fashion & beauty blog and needed someone to take photos of her.

Since they were both living in Malta at the time, they started traveling around Europe, which is where their love for Travel was ignited.

In 2014 he gave up his corporate job and became a full time freelance Travel & Lifestyle photographer with Carlinn.

As an avid Trail Runner and Adventurer, Mike loves any time spent in the mountains shooting the beautiful landscapes Cape Town and South Africa have to offer.

When he is not in the mountains, he is traveling the world with Carlinn, reviewing and creating beautiful content for Luxury Hotels and Lodges.

He shoots with a Sony A7RIII & 16-35mm f/2.8 as well as the Sony RX100VI to create some unique images and video content which is posted mostly to his Instagram account @lifeofmikza.

Mike also posts to his IG Stories Daily, where he showcases a lot of the work created and shot on his Sony Devices.

Carlinn Meyer

Carlinn Meyer

Carlinn is a travel blogger and self taught photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. She has loved photography from an early age always experimenting with different techniques and editing styles. Using online tutorials she constantly improved her photography and editing skills.

After moving to Malta in 2007 and not being able to work on a South African visa her passion for traveling, fashion and photography became more than just a hobby with her blog reaching over 300,000 people per month.

Moving back to Cape Town in 2011 led to a shift in focus from fashion to travel and especially being behind the lens more often. The landscapes near her home inspiring her to go out, shoot more content and push her boundaries.

In 2014 Carlinn together with her long term boyfriend and fellow photographer Michael, started working and traveling together. They now explore the world together and create content tourism boards, hotels and brands. Carlinn also manages a successful travel blog and instagram account where she shares her travels.


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