Ian Nieuwenhuizen

South Africa

Tariq Ayaz Profile

Ian is the founder of White Motion Films, an award-winning wedding videography company based in South Africa. He and his wife founded White Motion as a side-line interest in 2010, but it soon grew to a business that they have been running full time since 2013 – employing about 15 full time staff. Ian has always been a creative, a visionary and someone who likespushing the boundaries. His formal musical background has also given him an edge with video as music is often overlooked as a powerful component when it comes to storytelling.

Ian has always invested in people along the way and he is proud of the fact that he could share his knowledge and thereby give opportunities to many who he taught from scratch.

After about 5 years in the wedding industry he started a second wedding film brand and soon after that he ventured into corporate and commercial films as well, making his mark internationally for a well-known US brand amongst others.

His wife Jana is his business partner and together they have 4 children. Their creative skills complement one another, and neither can see the business being successful without the input from the other.


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