Hussain AlMoosawi


Hussain AlMoosawi is a graphic designer and photographer from the UAE. Born in Dubai in 1984, he graduated with a Higher Diploma in Applied Media from the Higher Colleges of Technology in 2004. In the same year he moved to Australia for eight years to study, work and nourish his visual language.After obtaining his degree in communication design from Queensland College of Art in 2007, he worked for the Museum of Brisbane and realised the vitality of documentary – not only to keep a record for the future but also as a mean of having a clear image of the ever-changing present. In 2009, he went to Melbourne to pursue his masters in design from Swinburne University, when he started his visual examination and surveying of urban spaces and discovered the joy of documenting them.Hussain returned to the UAE in 2013 and is currently based in Abu Dhabi. His never-ending quest is to rediscover the urban landscape of his native homeland, by systematically documenting the subtle visual elements often overlooked in a country known for its modern architecture.


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