Hermis Haridas


An autodidact wildlife photographer who got deeply involved with nature and wildlife photography and found himself traveling around, hunting for and trying to capture moments hitherto uncaptured.

Hermis Haridas believes in the adage that “practice makes perfect” and there isn’t a day in his life without peeping at the world through his “third eye”.

His trips to exotic wildlife locations, including Russia, Arabian deserts, Sri Lanka, India and African continents, gave him the opportunity to understand the subtle nuances of wildlife photography.

Hermis Haridas has been living in Dubai for 10 years and doing wildlife photography for 9 years. He does photography workshops in different exotic locations around the globe.

Hermis Haridas is the founder of Paws Trails, a global platform for photographers, artists, travelers, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts to get closer to nature. Paws Trails has now more than 20 volunteers working across the globe on wildlife conservation. The main conservation tool of Paws Trails is the PT Explorers Magazine, a bi monthly e-magazine which has crossed over 8 editions by January 2018. Paws Trails also conducts photography and art exhibitions to build awareness on conservation, travel and wildlife in UAE.

Hermis Haridas strongly believes that the knowledge is expanded only when it is shared, and thus he started taking upcoming photographers along with him during the weekends in a few locations in UAE and also to some exotic locations around the globe.

His works have been published in various international publications.


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