How to Shoot & Edit S-log3


Mohammad Almorohen

Some people find using picture profiles with extended dynamic range such as S-log 3 challenging and are unsure when and why to use it. Mohammad will clarify the below aspects in his video:

1. What is S Log 3 and when to use it?
2. What is dynamic range, color space, chroma subsampling and bit depth?
3. FX3 Native ISOs, and what is a Dual ISO camera?
4. BTS footage
5. How to monitor the exposure
6. Zebra and S Log 3 characteristics?
7. My quick way
8. Gamma curve explanation (Black, Shadow, Mid Tone, Highlight, White)
9. How to grade the S-log 3 footage
10. How to read waveform and vectorscope
11. S-log 3 before & After
12. Graded S log 3 vs. S-Cinetone vs. Standard PP Off

Mohammad Almorohen

Mohammad Almorohen

Saudi Arabia

Mohammad is a Saudi professional director of photography since 2008, owned his first Sony camcorder in 1996. He started his professional career path in 2006 as film editor, and then in 2008, he became a director of photography.
He started conducting several training courses and workshops in cinematography, photography and editing since 2013. He was also invited to conduct seminars and lectures in universities, art colleges and cultural centers.

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