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You’re a professional in photography but a leaner at heart. Elevate your experience with every feature of sony.

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(Body + Free 64G Tough Card + Battery)

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You’re always on the move but want to be more realistic. Shoot with greater reliability and improve your performance.

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You want the best of both worlds. we help you achieve it. Unbeatable quality is assured for both stills and movies.

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You’re the creator and we’re your supporters.
Capture the stories as you imagine through our built-to vlog cameras.

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Save up to AED 1188
(Body + 16-50mm Lens GP-VPT2BT +
ECM-G1 + LCS-U21 + 32GB SD card)

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(Body + GP-VPT2BT + ECM-G1 +
LCS-U21 + 32GB SD card)

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You’ve done great so far by using what you have at hand.
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