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Jack Of All Trades Lens – The COMPLETE 24-70 GMII Long Term Review

Conducted by

Andrew Wadid

Andrew goes through all the new features of the new Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM II, usage scenarios, and much more about what make the new lens even better.

June 18, Tuesday - July 09, Tuesday

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Online, Egypt

Webinar Description

In this webinar, Andrew talks about the new Sony flagship standard zoom lens: Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM II; showing all its new design and hardware quirks and features, in addition to its capabilities in both photos and videos. Also, he highlights the diversity of the 24-70mm range and how it contains most of the important focal lengths to any photographer or filmmaker, from vlogging and shooting landscape at 24mm all the way to capturing astonishing portraits and closeups at 70mm.

Who Can Attend

Creators looking for the all in 1 lens that they can fully depend on for their creative work


Andrew will deep dive into everything that is new with version 2 of the 24-70 GM lens. Whether it is hardware upgrades or new specs, you will know about it here.

Andrew Wadid

Andrew is an Egyptian architect based in Cairo who is very much interested in filmmaking, technology and music production. He started his channels on social media platforms in 2020 talking about all the new tech gadgets, smart devices, camera gear and wearables. Meanwhile, his passion for videography, filmmaking and content creation kept growing making his own videos, client videos, and consulting new content creators to start making videos and prepare a setup for shooting.

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