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Documentary Film Lab

Conducted by

Daro Umaigba

Daniel Itegboje

Learn the practical lessons and time-tested principles of making documentary films

June 19, Wednesday

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub, Benin, Nigeria

Workshops Description

In this interactive session, Daro Umaigba and Daniel Itegboje will take you on a cinematic journey as they outline the principles of making documentary films. Daniel’s award-winning documentary, O.Y.O, set in the heart of Benin, and Daro’s hard-hitting documentary on Showmax, “Free Men”, will be screened and used case studies to breakdown storytelling, cinematography, lighting, and overall technique. This session offers a unique opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to learn from Daro and Daniel’s expertise, and enhance their storytelling skills.

Who Can Attend

Directors, Crinematographers, Creative Directors, Filmmakers


Daro and Daniel will be breaking down storytelling, cinematography, directing, dighting, and filming gear

Daro Umaigba

Daro Umaigba is an Award winning multi talented Filmmaker, Photographer and Visual Design artist who loves to tell African stories through a contemporary lens. His career spans over a decade and has been the brains behind a lot of opening titles for popular TV shows within and outside his home country Nigeria. Daro’s love for creating deeper engagement experiences with the African culture, has brought him into the nonfictional storytelling space. His eclectic and Culture centric style permeates all his work and he is always in the running to present the best African narrative on a global stage.

Daniel Itegboje

Daniel Itegboje is a director, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker based in Benin City, Nigeria. With a focus on addressing social issues and capturing real-life stories, he strives to create impactful narratives that resonate with audiences. He is a Story Mi documentary film fellow and a Global Arts in medicine fellow. Even though he is pursuing an education in Medicine, he aims to make a meaningful impact on global health outcomes. By combining his medical knowledge with his filmmaking skills, he aspires to bring attention to pressing health issues and effect positive change in communities.

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