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Cinematic Gimbal Workshop Vol.8

Conducted by

Mohammad Almorohen

In this workshop, eng. Mohammad Almorohen will teach the technology and art of gimbal use.

September 26, Monday

3:30 PM - 9:30 PM

M ACADEMY - Qatif., Saudi Arabia

Workshops Description

“The gimbal workshop enables the individual to shoot using the 3-axis gimbal device correctly and to achieve the artistic vision professionally. In the introduction, the concept of how the device works is explained with an explanation of basic concepts of camera movement. Then, the latest gimbals and the criteria for selecting the appropriate ones are discussed. After that, gimbal assembling, and device ergonomics are explained. In the device balancing unit, the concept of balancing and the factors affecting it are explained. Then the gimbal balancing, and the quick balancing method are explained. In the control and programming unit, the buttons and menus are introduced. Then, the method for adjusting the power of the motors and the calibration and their causes are explained. Then the types of controls and programming are explained. In the method of use and movement unit, the right method of walking and holding the gimbal is explained, and then the cinematic movements are explained with top recommended lenses. The course includes many exercises and practical applications to enable participants to master the use of the device correctly and professionally. The course concludes with a review of the results, an evaluation of the participants’ performance, and guidance and direction.”

Who Can Attend

Cinematographers and filmmakers


Introduction to gimbal and how to do Balancing and also How to use and move

Mohammad Almorohen

Mohammad is a Saudi professional director of photography since 2008, owned his first Sony camcorder in 1996. He started his professional career path in 2006 as film editor, and then in 2008, he became a director of photography. He started conducting several training courses and workshops in cinematography, photography and editing since 2013. He was also invited to conduct seminars and lectures in universities, art colleges and cultural centers.

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