A9M2 Review

Sony Alpha a9ii

How do you top what was already such an incredible camera as the a9? Well Sony have done this and done it convincingly. When the camera first was released the change in specs was not quite what the market was expecting. Most of the specs stayed the same and there were a few tweaks here and there but the one really significant change was to the design. The change for me from DSLR to mirrorless was made a little trickier because the size of the mirrorless cameras were smaller and made you feel like you may break something if you are not careful.

Now putting the a9ii into my hands was a feeling strength, from the ergonomics of the handle to the feel and size of the buttons. It all felt like I had all the incredible features of mirrorless in something that feels like a DSLR but still is as light as its predecessor. What a feeling. That first moment of lifting the a9ii with my 400mm f2.8 to my eye was like the heavens had opened and the angels began singing.

The addition of a second UHS-II SD card slot was also a major bonus as I now could cram two fast cards into the body without the need to change them when I run out of space on the first card.

The new image processor is incredible and it was put inplace to assist with holding focus on fast moving subjects and assist the eye AF. I had such a blast with this as the camera locked onto the eyes of my first subject, a cheetah. It worked so well I was blown away and I felt like I was cheating, but I was not. This is a game changer, especially in my line of photography where subjects move fast and cant be asked to do anything other than what they are going to do.

I had too much fun playing around with the new body and cant wait for the next opportunity to put it through its paces.

Attentive Lion

Attentive Lion


Image settings : ILCE-9M2 + FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, 1/1000 sec, f/2.8, ISO 640

Cheetah Sunset


Image settings : ILCE-9M2 + FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, 1/3200 sec, f/5, ISO 1000

Cheetah Sunset



Image settings : ILCE-9M2 + FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, 1/1250 sec, f/4, ISO 1000

Leopard Yawn


Image settings : ILCE-9M2 + FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, 1/640 sec, f/2.8, ISO 3200

Leopard yawn

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